'Grandaddy' Cool is back

ROCKER: Ross Wilson is appearing at the Brewery in the Imperial Hotel, Eumundi tonight.
ROCKER: Ross Wilson is appearing at the Brewery in the Imperial Hotel, Eumundi tonight.

AFTER spending the last few weeks in an apartment overlooking the Pantheon in Athens, Ross Wilson is about to head back on tour, and along the way he will show the Clarence Valley a little love.

"It's a long time since I've played in Yamba, the last time might have been in the 80s,” Wilson said.

"I can't recall playing there in this century.”

Wilson has more than 50 years of experience in the business, playing with bands like Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock, and when he began at 16 with his first band, according to him, he was terrible.

"I was still at school and I played in a group of other school boys we were terrible,” he said.

"I got good pretty quick... the thing to do is always play with people who are as good or better than you.

"From my first band to Daddy Cool was a period of about six years and that's when I learnt just about everything I know today, and I've been honing it ever since.”

With such a big history in the music industry, looking back, Wilson said Daddy Cool was an extremely interesting time in his time.

"It was just four guys and we made a particularly interesting sound, it was a lot of joy to play with that band,” he said.

"We only lasted a few years... but now I listen to those records and I think we captured something special there, it's just like wow, something is happening here.”

He said it all became real for him the first time he heard Daddy Cool's record on the radio.

"You realise that everyone is hearing it, it's a bit of a thrill.”

Now, the veteran muso is just glad he can still play.

"One thing I've decided to do is instead of touring non-stop, I'm going to do things like say 'I'm not going to work in September' and I'll go away and do other things,” he said.

Apart from holidaying in Greece, Wilson has been working on a new album which he expects will be out next year.

Wilson said don't miss the opportunity to get up and dance to your favourite Daddy Cool and Mondo Rock songs.

  • Ross Wilson and The Peaceniks is playing at the Yamba Bowling Club on November 10 from 8pm. Tickets are $37.50, available from the bowling club and from their website.

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