Chamber offers $200k in grants for flood damaged businesses

NSW Business Chamber CEO, Stephen Cartwright, has announced that the Chamber will be making available $200,000 for grants to flood damaged small businesses in Northern NSW.

"I can't think of anything much worse than seeing one's hard work, sweat and tears being destroyed by a natural disaster. Entrepreneurs invest heavily in their businesses, and employ fellow Australians, and the NSW Business Chamber will help them get back on their feet," said Mr Cartwright.

"It's an Australian sentiment to stick with your partners through thick and thin - and this is the time when the business community of NSW needs to come together and help each other out."

Mr Cartwright said NSW Business Chamber will provide 40 grants of $5,000 to employing small businesses in Northern NSW.

Guidelines for the $5000 grants:

  • There is a limit of one grant per company;
  • Grants will be provided for capital works, furniture and fixtures, capital equipment, etc. that are not covered by insurance or eligible for a government grant (state or federal). All projects must be of a material nature, i.e. grant applications will not be accepted for non-material purposes such as marketing and promotions;
  • All applications must be accompanied by a formal quotation for the identified purpose, along with relevant supporting documentation (such as a letter from an insurance company);
  • All applications must be endorsed by the Local Chamber of Commerce representative to verify that the applicant is a valid local business;
  • Preference will be given to members of the Chamber movement, either state or local.

Northern Rivers NSW Business Chamber Regional Manager, John Murray, said the Chamber wants to ensure that support goes to those who are most in need and have no other means of financial support.

"Preference will be given to small businesses who are members of NSW Business Chamber or a member of a local chamber of commerce," said Mr Murray.

"We want to reach those small businesses that, for whatever reason, might not be getting the assistance they need to rebuild and reopen after the floods."

Mr Murray said local small businesses should contact their local chamber of commerce for more information about applying for the grants.

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