Guide to throwing an election night party

Whether it's pin the ears on Tony Abbott or a hearty bowl of Kevin Rudd double souffle, we have got it  covered when it comes to throwing an election night party.
Whether it's pin the ears on Tony Abbott or a hearty bowl of Kevin Rudd double souffle, we have got it covered when it comes to throwing an election night party.

WHAT would an election be without an election night party?

Whether you're celebrating or commiserating we have some great party ideas sure to defeat the change of government blues.

Food is the most important thing at any party and here are some suggestions sure to whet your appetitie for conservative government: the Kevin Rudd double soufflé, the Julia Gillard clubbed sandwich and the Bill Shorten devil on horseback (served cold).

No party is complete without games; follow our sure-fire suggestions to get you and your guests ready for the long conservative years ahead:

  • Pin the ears on Tony Abbott: this game requires little explanation and is sure to alleviate your ballot box blues.
  • Throw the shoe at John Howard: this popular election night game was adapted from quoits. Instead of a hob, use the party guest who most resembles Mr Howard - you will be looking for someone of short stature, with a bald head and bushy eyebrows. Simply remove foot attire and hurl them at the Howard doppelganger. Whoever gets a direct hit wins. Be warned: expect ducking and weaving.
  • Musical prime ministers: like musical chairs, this sees all the guests circling around a single chair, when the music stops the guests must use what-ever tactics they have at their disposal to get their bottoms onto that treasured seat. The two most winnable strategies are: backstabbing and destabilising your opponents. And once you win the chair, change the rules so no-one can ever take it away from you again.
  • The Bob Hawke drinking game. This sees guests trying to defeat the former prime minister's world record of sculling 2.5 pints of beer in just eleven seconds. This game often leads to a hearty round of Malcolm Fraser pants down (you probably don't need instructions for that one).

As the long night of counting drags on there might come a time to gather around for a sing along. Some suggested songs are: Please Don't Go, Another One Bites the Dust, Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again , Didn't We Almost Have it All, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, I Like it Both Ways, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and finally, I'm Glad It's All Over.


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