WITH one almighty crash, a towering gumtree crushed both Rodger Bradshaw's mode of transport and his home.

The musician, who has been a resident performer at the Eumundi Markets for 20 years, was devastated to find his Toyota campervan crushed under the force of the tree.

Mr Bradshaw lives in the van with his wife Charly and together they travel throughout Australia performing in their duo act AzUr, which fuses tribal Australian groove with contemporary, edgy London beats.

The campervan, which has got them to gigs for the past 15 years, was parked on Alice St at Eumundi in front of a friend's house when the tree came down.

The couple were on the Gold Coast when they received a phone call with the bad news.

"We were just so shocked and we still are, can't believe it," Mr Bradshaw said.

"We had our music gear in the back but have managed to salvage a didgeridoo, tamborine and shaker so it should allow us to keep playing and earning money,

"But we'll have to get the roof cut or something so we can get inside to get the rest of our things."

Mr Bradshaw said the tree looked perfectly healthy when he parked on the street for the day.

He believes the root structure was compromised.

Mr Bradshaw is just grateful no one was inside the camper at the time.

"It was only a matter of time before this tree fell, obviously," he said.

"If anyone was walking past at the time, they would be dead. It was a huge tree.

"At least we weren't in the camper, that's one thing we can be thankful for."

A Sunshine Coast Council spokesman said the council had forwarded the Bradshaws' claim to its insurer for independent management and assessment and had sought the insurer's advice as a matter of priority.

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