JAIL: A violent past was no help for a Maroochydore man, jailed in Gympie yesterday for breaking his partner's nose and endangering their unborn child.
JAIL: A violent past was no help for a Maroochydore man, jailed in Gympie yesterday for breaking his partner's nose and endangering their unborn child. Contributed

Gympie court jails abusive partner who bashed pregnant woman

A MAROOCHYDORE man was jailed in Gympie yesterday over extreme violence against his then pregnant partner.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan noted the man's violence in a previous relationship, including threats to his own child.

Mr Callaghan jailed Marcus Wayne Smith, 31, for 18 months, with parole from November 13.

Mr Callaghan said Smith had a disturbing record of disregard for court orders and a seriously violent past.

That included 12 months jail in 2015 for "11 contraventions of (court) orders, assaults and bail breaches with a previous partner, who was the mother of another of your children."

He said Smith had shown "a disturbing disregard of court orders, (including in 2015) assaulting your previous partner's then partner, imposing yourself on your previous partner by threats, including holding the child, cocking your fist and threatening that she would never see daylight again."

The incident also involved "pushing (the woman) in the neck, forcing her to gasp for breath, then fall (and punching at her partner).

"When she called to find out where the child was, you said, 'She's in a ditch. I'm going to run her into a pole. You should see her face."

Mr Callaghan said the man had been in his car when he saw the woman and her partner in her partner's car and collided with it.

"Without checking on the welfare of the child, you ran towards her partner and began punching him."

But none of that was as serious as the assaults and damage for which Smith was jailed yesterday, Mr Callaghan said.

The court was told that in the more recent case, Smith seriously assaulted the second woman, endangering the life of their unborn child, after damaging a car in which she had sought refuge on May 9 last year.

"She was six months pregnant, you had a verbal argument, you yelled at her, she went out to the car and you scratched the paint.

"At one stage she got out of the car. You punched her in the chest and the right upper arm, she pulled away and fell, you gave her a backhanded slap which connected with her eye.

"Photos show significant bruising and lacerations.

"Then on June 4, she was then 31 weeks pregnant, and you head butted her."

This caused a minor but serious fracture of her nose.

"You have done some rehabilitation and have been offence-free since (being charged in November).

"You've now attacked two partners on more than one occasion," the magistrate said, describing the offences as "unacceptable."

"You have to learn society will not tolerate it," he said.

"You have been diagnosed of autistic spectrum disorder and you were emotionally charged.

"It is said you are working strenuously to get the family back together, to improve your mood and strengthen your resilience.

"But you have a significant and relevant criminal history.

"This is not a small relapse. It's a big relapse," the magistrate said.   

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