Supermum hacking in to iPhone shortcuts

I DON'T go far without my iPhone.

Like many, the least use I have for it is as an actual phone.

Call me anti-social but I'm more likely to text a message than dial a number.

The iPhone is really my access to social media and a way to fill in time by playing Candy Crush.

It is also a camera, a torch, a notebook, a calculator, a research tool via Google, a catalogue of my books and DVD collection and my access to online banking.

Despite all the times I use it, and it is a lot, I find it hard to keep up to date with all the whiz-bang functions.

That is what my son is for.

While I fumble trying to put in my pass code to take a photo, I'm told I'm doing it wrong.

I can just swipe up and the camera is ready to go.

Swiping up will also lead me to the flashlight app, timer, and calculator too.

And when I get a message to say my storage is full and can't take any more photos, so I start deleting frantically, I'm told there is an easier way.

I thought mass deleting all the selfies my son has taken while pretending to take my photo would be the best option, but no.

Apparently there is a whole world of iPhone hacks, just like game cheats, that allow you to do things differently.

Considering my son doesn't even own an iPhone, I'm not sure how he even knows of these hacks, or why for that matter, but I'm sure it is like most things with teens (and pre-teens). They know everything, according to them, and yes, sometimes they actually do.

So now I know I can delete my browsing history in Safari to instantly clear up some memory space.

Rather than repeatedly hitting the delete button to remove a text I changed my mind about, now I know to just give my phone a shake.

Did you know if you hold down the button when taking a photo it will shoot in bursts? Well, that explains how my son manages to take so many selfies.

And I thought I was clever doing a screenshot.

My favourite discovery is the tricks with the panorama setting on the phone camera.

I wish they were the only hacks on my phone.

My biggest problem is my son hacking in to use it.

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