Half ready to call time on clock change

ABOUT half of Clarence Valley residents want daylight saving abolished, if the results of a poll on The Daily Examiner's website are accurate.

We asked readers if they preferred no daylight saving, the current system of putting clocks forward an hour from October 5 to April 6, or putting clocks forward 30 minutes all-year round.

The third choice is a recommendation in a report from Cross Border Commissioner Steve Toms to the NSW Government tabled in September.

One of his recommendations is to put all clocks on Australia's eastern states ahead 30 minutes for the whole year.

Media reports yesterday said NSW Member for Tweed Geoff Provest would support the proposal if the other states went along with it.

"The biggest thing, as long as we're in the same time as Queensland, that would eliminate a lot of these extra problems we face and costs we face every year," Mr Provest told ABC radio.

"I would support that. If the other states go along with it, I would 100% support it."

But it seems unlikely the government will move on the report.

A spokesman from the office of Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner said the paper was still being reviewed and the government had no plans to change the current provisions.

Comments on The Daily Examiner's Facebook page revealed more support for daylight saving, although there was support for shortening the period.

"Start of November to end February is the only time you need to have DS implemented, if at all. It currently lasts too long," posted Susan Osborn.

"My friend lives in Qld, and there is nothing worse than full sun so early in the morning. I don't get used to it when I'm visiting her," said Jess Royal.

"There is also issues for those of us who rely heavily on Queensland services for healthcare and business," said Lea Montey.

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