Dominic Zietsch
Dominic Zietsch

Hate camp lacks dignity

BEING born in the mid-1980s I'm too young to remember life in the time of Margaret Thatcher, so I was amazed to see how the reaction to her death played out during the week.

While one camp solemnly mourned the loss of a woman they considered to be one of Britain's most influential prime ministers, the other camp took to the streets in absolute joy that a woman they believe had ruined countless lives and broken countless families in Britain, was gone.

The slogan "the witch is dead", which became the catch-cry of the celebrations, gives an insight into how loathed Thatcher was by these people.

I'm not versed especially well in British political history, nor did I personally experience life in Britain when she was Prime Minister, so I've no idea which side of the divide (if any) I would've found myself on.

Naturally for those who had personal reasons to remember Thatcher's time as Prime Minister as a time of pain and hardship, her death likely served as a kind of closure - the end of a dark chapter of their lives they'd sooner forget.

However in my opinion, there's never a time to take to the streets and publicly cele- brate the death of a fellow human being, no matter how unpopular, or even hated they may have been.

Before a person is anything else in life, they're still a person and in death deserve at least some shred of dignity.

I think each of us would expect that same treatment when we shuffle from this mortal coil, so I think it's only fair we give that respect first, if we hope to receive it ourselves one day.


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