Barry O’Farrell
Barry O’Farrell

Hatred not welcome: O'Farrell

"YOUR heritage is welcome, your hatred is not".

That's the blunt message Premier Barry O'Farrell had on Tuesday for new Australians exhibiting the behaviour witnessed during the weekend's violent Islamic protests in Sydney.

Speaking in NSW Parliament about the events which "shocked all of us", Mr O'Farrell said while everyone had a right to protest, Saturday's violence was "a direct results of the decisions and actions of extremists".

"Any repeat of Saturday's events will be strongly met by police," Mr O'Farrell said "This (protest) was a blight upon this city and it must not be allowed to continue".

The Premier also welcomed the response from the Islamic leaders who met on Monday night and were quick to condemn the actions of what they insisted was a tiny minority.

One prominent Islamic leader, Sheik Feiz Mohammed, well known for his controversial views on women's rights, was notably absent from the meeting.

The Sheik has been repeatedly linked to the group Hizb ut-Tahrir, who have been accused of planning the protest and drumming up support through social networking sites.

He was expected to address followers in Sydney late Tuesday.

Meanwhile, detectives from Strike Force McAllister arrested a man wanted over the destruction of a police car during the protest.

The18-year-old Padstow man is accused of smashing a police car with a milk crate.

He was the seventh person to be arrested since Saturday and was charged with malicious damage and affray.

Early Tuesday, the mother of a young boy pictured holding a sign which read "behead all those who insult the prophet", handed herself in at a western Sydney police station.

The Department of Community Services is investigating.

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