Editorial - Tuesday, May 6: Have say on our future

WHAT will you be doing in 10 years time?

Still working? Retired and enjoying plenty of quality time? Married with children?

Hopefully you will all be well and thriving, but it is no easy task to decide what you will be doing a decade away and how you will plan your way to get to that point.

That is the task being tackled by Clarence Valley Council and we'll have more idea what they have in mind for the local government area after today's extraordinary meeting at Maclean.

If it's tough to sort out your own life, try planning for more than 50,000 lives.

Not to mention the fact councils seem to be getting lumbered with more responsibilities at the same time their income streams appear to be drying up.

And add in trying to come up with a rating structure that works across all communities in the Valley and replaces systems that are carried over from the amalgamation 10 years ago.

There is one thing we can be certain of after the details go on exhibition - not everyone will be happy with what is planned.

With such a wide-ranging project, with six draft plans to go on the table, there will be a range of opinions about the proposals.

The most important thing for our community is that everyone with an opinion has their say - not just on this page but in the official exhibition period.

If you don't give your opinion when it's needed, in 10 years time you may still be wondering why you stayed so silent.

David Moase,

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