Have your say on second bridge

CLARENCE Valley residents have the opportunity to push their preferred option for a second bridge at Grafton when the next round of community consultation begins on Tuesday.

Roads and Maritime Services has invited backers of each of the six short-listed options to a briefing on Friday to help them put together a 10-minute presentation on their choice. The presentations will be part of Tuesday's forum.

One group, the Concerned Citizens Group, which opposes any attempt to build a bridge that directs traffic into the Grafton CBD, will put together a presentation, but under sufferance.

Group spokeswoman Lynne Cairns said the latest round of consultation had not given them enough time to go through all the information.

"There are three volumes of reports released on Monday with about 1400 pages of technical information, and they expect us to get across that in a week," Mrs Cairns said.

Her group will back Option 14 or 15, which places the bridge near the western end of Elizabeth Island.

She promised some feisty questions for RMS on Tuesday.

An RMS spokesperson said yesterday the latest round of community consultation had been designed to give people who are affected the best opportunity to have their say.

"The route options development report on the six short-listed options for an additional crossing of the Clarence River at Grafton was released this week after investigation work was completed," the spokesperson said.

"The forum has been timed to be held before school holidays to provide the greatest opportunity for the community to attend."

The RMS has called for feedback by October 10 which can also be provided at information sessions, staffed displays, radio for- ums, value management workshop or by submitting their comments to RMS directly.

In addition to the investigations, community comments will help form a decision on the preferred route option as no decision has yet been made. The development report is now on display and open for public comment.

For more information, go to www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadprojects/projects/north_eastern_region/grafton_bridge/index.html.

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