Going blonde can be fun but only if you get the shade right and know how to look after it.
Going blonde can be fun but only if you get the shade right and know how to look after it. undefined

Having the right blonde moment

I WAS asked recently to answer a few questions regarding blondes for an online beauty blog (theglow.com.au), the questions they asked for their followers are the same I get asked in the salon frequently.

Not every colourist follows the same rules and gives out the same advice, but the one thing we will all agree on is this, blonde hair, like any other hair colour, needs to be treated with TLC using the correct products to keep it looking as healthy as possible and retain its freshness so it looks just as good four to five weeks down the track as the day it was done

Here’s my feedback on a few of those commonly asked questions:

Q: What is the worst thing women do to their blonde hair?

A: Unless they were born with it women with beautiful blonde locks have had to undergo at least one or two lightening processes to achieve the colour they love so much but that’s often where the love ends.

The greatest mistake women make after they have achieved the hair colour they crave is to assume the process ends there.

Maintaining a great blonde tone or any other colour for that matter takes commitment, almost an agreement between the colourist and client that it will be no longer than four to five weeks in between retouch appointment and during the period beforehand the client will stick to the home hair care regime/products the colourist has recommended to keep their hair looking as fresh and healthy as it did on day one.

Q: What do I wish women wouldn’t do concerning their blonde hair?

A: Women often expect too much from their hair, and push it too far. Platinum blonde locks may be right on trend, but are they right for you? The best shade of blonde is one that suits your skin tone, looks good on you and is achievable from your natural level without compromising your hair’s health.

If pushing your hair to the very limits of the blonde spectrum is all you can think about, I ask you to take it slowly, treat your hair with respect and be patient. The perfect blonde shade can take time and you want your hair to be the best it can be at the end of it all – not a fried mess

Q: What misconceptions can blondes have regarding the health of their hair?

A: Many women with chemically treated hair mistake dryness for damage, and yes you would assume that lightening hair and damage would go hand in hand but it’s not always the case, a skilled colourist can safely achieve a beautiful blonde with very little damage to the client’s hair. Dryness can be caused simply by overuse of heated tools or environmental causes.

If you are using a shampoo for damaged hair but your hair is simply dry, you could be doing more harm than good. A lot of shampoos built to repair damage are protein based and this is definately beneficial to your hair if it has been compromised by chemicals but don’t forget to include a balance of hydration in there too. Damage and dehydration can feel very similar but need a totally different remedy. If you are not sure what your hair needs, don’t just settle for anything off the shelves.

The best advice you can get is from your stylist. When in doubt ask an expert.

Q: What are three other mistakes blondes make with their colour/health of their hair?

A: Over-toning or toning with the wrong shampoo. If you are a platinum or ash blonde, you may already be using a shampoo to alleviate brassiness. Violet-tinted shampoos and conditioners such as Joico’s Colour Endure Violet balances your hair colour, adding cool undertones and preventing it from getting brassy or gold between visits to your colourist. However, if you have warmer blonde and are happy with your tone then you may not need to alter or enhance it in any way, just keep it looking healthy and shiny with good shampoo and conditioner and regular treatments.

Another mistake is the over use of heated tools without a thermal protectant. Blondes should be creamy not crispy.

And thirdly, trying to stretch out visits between touching up the roots to save $$. This can in fact cost you more money as your colourist has to work harder to achieve a seamless blend between old and new.

Q: How would I correct a new client’s hair if they had had a previous colour go wrong?

A: Slowly. Great blonde shades takes time, rushing in blindly to do a quick fix can often add to the damage cause a greater mess for you to fix down the track.

Q: What products do you recommend to maintain colour and health of blonde hair?

As mentioned earlier it is so important to recommend the correct take-home products for your client’s needs. For me my go-to home hair care for blondes would be a combination routine of Joico’s K-Pak range including alternating between their two brilliant treatments K-Pak Intense Hydrator and K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor, while also alternating with Joico’s Color Endure Violet shampoo and conditioner or Fudge Clean Blonde shampoo if your blonde is on the cooler side.

What ever shade of blonde you decide upon, have fun with it.

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