Health service re-brand

LESS than six months after the North Coast Area Health Service was re-branded, legislation will be introduced into parliament this week to change one word of the new name.

State Health Minister Jillian Skinner confirmed the plan last week, claiming it would not cost taxpayers any extra money.

The change would see the current Northern NSW Local Health Network (LHN) re-branded to become the Northern NSW Local Health District (LHD).

The LHN was launched by the previous Keneally Labor government across NSW on January 1.

The latest changes, part of Mrs Skinner’s two principal policies, will apply to all 15 LHNs across NSW.

The Governing Councils that currently oversee the networks will also be renamed to become District Health Boards.

Mrs Skinner’s other principal policy is to invest those boards with real powers, real responsibilities and expect them to be genuinely accountable.

A representative of Mrs Skinner said when Area Health Services (AHS) changed to LHNs, they were advised to exhaust existing stationery stocks before ordering re-branded stationery, which would minimise the cost of the re-branding.

“It’s possible that some, or most, LHNs may not have exhausted old AHS stock,” the representative said.

“In that case, the change to LHD would have little to no adverse financial impact, as replacement stock ordered by those LHNs would be in the new LHD format.”

Member for Clarence Steve Cansdell said he was aware of the plan.

He said when parliament sits this week he would find out about details of the changes and hinted at boundary changes.

Mrs Skinner’s representative said any boundary changes were yet to be confirmed.

“Whether or not there will be changes to the boundaries hasn’t yet been decided but if they are altered, the changes will be minor,” the representative said.

Mr Cansdell said he was aware of another government department set to be re-branded.

He said Industry and Investment would revert back to being called the Department of Primary Industries, a change he describe as “commonsense”.

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