Heart Foundation sets challenge

AUSTRALIAN women are being encouraged by the Heart Foundation to increase the health of their hearts by participating in a free 10 week fitness challenge.

Beginning June 1, the Go Red for Woman Healthy Heart Challenge is aimed to endorse the importance of a healthy heart and encourage women to take small yet significant steps towards changing their lifestyle.

Participants will challenge themselves by choosing a desired goal such as lowering high cholestrol levels or improving everyday nutrition and focus on completing it.

All participants will be supported online by the Heart Foundation via weekley e-newsletters full of helpful hints and tips to stay motivated and healthy recipes they can try at home.

"Adopting healthy, permanent changes will make a big difference to improving the health of your heart," said Julie-Anne Mitchell, director of Cardiovascular Health.

"Often it takes a number of weeks for a change to become a regular habit, so supporting women through the 10 week challenge will help ensure their new healthy habits remain rock solid.

Julie-Anne said being heart healthy is a lot healthier than most people think.

"Heart disease is the number one killer of women in Australia," she said.

"It kills four times as many women as breast cancer.

"By joining the free 10 week challenge, you can become part of a movement to take control of the health of your heart, and that's very important."

For more information on the Go Red for Women Healthy Heart Challenge, or to register as a participant, visit www.goredforwomen.org.au.

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