Heartless attack on ducks

Two boys at See Park chased a terrified mother duck and her four ducklings with large sticks.
Two boys at See Park chased a terrified mother duck and her four ducklings with large sticks.

CALLOUS, cruel and heartless.

These are the words witnesses used to describe one of the most sickening acts of animal cruelty.

A mother duck and her raft of ducklings were set upon by two boys as they swam in the See Park pond.

Using large sticks as weapons, the boys walked along the sides of the pond, viciously striking at reeds and splashing the water in an attempt to hit the ducks.

One witness, who did not wish to be identified, said the attack made them "physically sick".

"The look of fear on the mother duck's face is something I won't ever forget," they said.

"She was flapping and squawking and carrying on. When frightened, ducks usually fly away but this one couldn't because she had little ones.

"The boys were yelling to each other to get the c***s (ducklings). I couldn't believe the expletives they were using, it was disgusting - they're kids.

"I couldn't stay. I couldn't watch what they were doing. No one should have to see that."

Prior to attacking the feathered residents of See Park, the boys had been riding their bikes throughout the grounds, doing wheelies on the lawn.

The witness said they noticed the antics the boys were up to after they ran out from under the bridge, wielding sticks.

Appalled by the youths' ferocious actions, the witness reported the incident to Grafton Police who revealed the boys, both underage, were known to them.

A dead duck was later discovered at the scene.

"Nobody knows how the duckling died, but seeing what those boys were doing was heartbreaking," the witness said.

All acts of animal cruelty should be reported to RSPCA NSW on 02 9770 7555.

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