Heavy vehicles 5% bridge traffic

THE RTA’s much-debated heavy vehicle study of the Grafton bridge was released on Friday showing nearly 1500 heavy vehicle crossings per day.

That is 5% of the total 29,500 daily vehicular crossings.

The study, available at www.rta.nsw.gov.au/graftonbridge, combined data collected from a 24-hour video camera survey on August 19, 2010, a seven-day “tube count” survey from the same date, and a questionnaire of some Grafton heavy transport operators.

The origin-to-destination video survey showed 26,554 vehicles crossed the Grafton bridge between 5am and 7pm on that date and of those:

15,466 (58%) were local traffic – internal start to internal finish.

10,360 (39%) had a start or finish point in Grafton or South Grafton, travelling to or from an external point.

728 (3%) were through traffic. That is they had both a start and finish point outside of Grafton/South Grafton.

The video survey found 92% of all northbound and 90% of all southbound vehicles crossing the bridge on that day had a start or finish point south of Butterfactory Ln, Grafton.

The survey of bridge users and businesses identified increased costs to businesses due to bridge congestion and the restriction of B-double trucks during peak traffic times. Whether the RTA made proper efforts to contact key transport operators was raised in The Daily Examiner in early March. It is understood a senior RTA representative has since personally visited the companies named in the article.

A letter about the questionnaire from the RTA’s Grafton bridge project director Bob Higgins was published in Saturday’s Examiner and a response from Concerned Citizens Group member Bob Cairns is on today’s letters page.

Two community forums on the above study and related traffic issues will be held at the Grafton Community Centre in Duke St tomorrow at 1pm and 6pm.

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