Here come the developers

THE New South Wales Government is expected to approve today the development of a 100-lot subdivision, a multi million dollar lake-side residence, floating helipad and jet boat hire service at Wooloweyah.

The development, proposed by a syndicate of mining interests, is to be located in an area of national park immediately adjacent to the Wooloweyah village.

Because of the environmentally sensitive nature of the development, the syndicate will have to provide compensatory habitat, most likely on the eastern end Susan Island near Grafton because of its similar vegetation types.

The development is expected to be worth in excess of $100 million.

It is understood the developers avoided approaching the Clarence Valley Council with its application because of the controversy surrounding a recent application for a two-lot subdivision in the village.

Instead, it went straight to the State Government and appears set to have the proposal, or an amended version of it, approved under its coastal planning guidelines.

The developers are apparently of the view that the State is so keen to raise money through Stamp Duty and the sale of public land, that it would provide little resistance to the application.

The company has hired Gold Coast based public relations firm, Duped, to promote the employment and economic benefits of the proposal.

Spokeswoman, April Doozy, said lot sizes in the subdivision would be in keeping with village character, apart from the lake side residence, which would require clearing some trees to provide direct access to the lake.

Ms Doozy said the project was likely to provide employment for up to 150 people during the two year construction phase.

She said there would be minimal impact on locals, as a new access road was planned to be built.

Construction would start as soon as approval was received.

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