Double break-in while on holiday
Double break-in while on holiday

Holiday pain in South

TWO break-ins at his home in just under a month has left Michael McIvor of Maxwell Avenue, South Grafton, frustrated and fed up.

Michael, who lives with his wife Sarah and children in the avenue, has been on holidays which started on December 20 and ended last Sunday.

He first contacted The Daily Examiner after neighbours contacted him about the first break-in on December 22, but it was decided not to publish a story because Michael was going to be away for a further three weeks.

Michael’s front window was smashed in that break-in but it could not be determined what was stolen at the time since the family was away.

In the second incident, friends of the McIvors had arranged to stay in the home for a night in early January.

Having trouble with the key to the door, the female friend contacted Michael by phone and asked for any tips to unlocking the door.

After several attempts, Michael suggested the family try to gain entry through the newly-repaired front bedroom window.

A teenage member of the visiting family noticed the window ajar. When she tried to open it she saw someone run from inside the house.

The girl called out for her mum, but by the time they returned to the window the thief had run away – presumably through the back yard.

Michael, who was still on the phone, heard all the action take place.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” he said. “They took bags of baby clothes and a DVD player.”

Michael said he planned on increasing security around his home.

Michael said several incidents had led him to believe that Maxwell Avenue residents were being treated as second-class citizens by Grafton police.

He expressed concern his home had not yet been fingerprinted but Grafton police said yesterday two attempts had been made by forensic police to call the numbers Michael had provided them but to no avail. Police said arrangements would now be made for fingerprinting.

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