Home is where heart is

ON MY daily drive home, I'm either stuck behind a car that veers onto the wrong side of the road several times, or I'll have someone that could clean the dirt off my back windscreen if they got any closer.

After hearing countless horror stories from Ulmarra residents over the past week for The Daily Examiner We Can't Wait - Fix Ulmarra Blackspot campaign, I'm grateful that once I'm home, I don't have to worry about these drivers crashing through my lounge room or overturning and ripping out the power lines.

When I speak to people about this issue, after the initial shock of what these residents endure the inevitable question is raised: why don't they move?

It seems an easy solution to just uproot and find another place to live, but the same question could be said for any location people choose to hang their hat at night.

For instance, people always ask me why my partner and I choose to live on a property with deadly snakes for nosy neighbours. And we always give them the same answer: because to us, it's home.

Why would someone live in a Sydney high-rise with zero privacy, space or peace? Because to them, it's home.

As such, the same can be said for Ulmarra residents who choose to live along the Pacific Highway.

Because to them, it's home.

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