GIANT LOAD OF FUN: Andy Takats with a land-based Giant Trevally.
GIANT LOAD OF FUN: Andy Takats with a land-based Giant Trevally. CONTRIBUTED

Hook a big one in landlocked areas

THOSE who have experienced fishing inside landlocked or trapped bodies of water know it can be an exciting and very challenging way of fishing.

However, it can also be a great way to hone your skills for targeting that trophy-size fish.

An abundance of fish - bream, flathead, mixed types of trevally, grunter bream, queenfish, moses perch, cod, bull sharks, barracuda and of course some healthy-size mangrove jack - seek refuge in land-locked systems throughout the Sunshine Coast.

In fact, some of the biggest jacks caught on the Coast come from landlocked areas.


Pat Holden  pictured with a mangrove jack.
Pat Holden pictured with a mangrove jack. contributed

Few anglers perfect the skills required to not only hook these incredible fish but to land them, also.


Tides and time of day: because tides don't have an effect on land-locked systems, you usually have to rely more towards what time of day that you want to fish. The low-light periods fish better in this situation as the bigger predatory fish will often come out in search of food.


Bait v lures: The old-school debate continues on whether you catch more fish or better-quality fish on baits or lures. Well, it comes down really to which method you prefer to fish.

For example, when fishing with baits, you're primarily waiting for fish to come to you.

With lures, you're taking your approach to the fish.

If you choose to use bait, there's no substitute for quality fresh or live baits.

Fresh mullet strips are one of the best baits, as well as live baits such as herring and poddy mullet.

For the lure anglers, surface lures are great for targeting most fish in the rivers, canal areas and lakes. However, they also work extremely well in land-locked environments.

The best thing about chasing fish off the top is the visual aspect: just being able to see the fish come up almost out of the water to take a lure is in itself an exciting moment.



Areas best to hold quality fish: Good places to wet a line include areas such as rock or gravel patches with surrounding sand flats, bridges, pylons, jetties, deeper holes and old sunken or decaying objects. All these things make for perfect habitats for predatory fish.

The most valuable part about fishing in land-locked areas is to respect and to also look after your catch. Try and practise catch and release as these fish often won't add any quality to the dinner plate due to the sometimes stagnate environment they live in. So try and be as quick and efficient as possible to take the hooks out and release the fish in the best possible condition so another angler might have the pleasure of catching these amazing fish.


For all the latest information, log on to for up-to-date bar and fishing reports and don't forget to drop into Davo's Tackle World Noosa or Davo's Northshore Bait & Tackle at Marcoola to find out where the fish are biting. Remember: tight lines and bent spines!

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