How a motorist walked away from serious crash with truck

Sam Sayer's Suzuki Vitara in a crash on Nambour Connection Road.
Sam Sayer's Suzuki Vitara in a crash on Nambour Connection Road.

A QUICK errand to buy groceries in Nambour nearly ended in tragedy when a truck collided with Sam Sayer's Suzuki Vitara soft-top.

Mr Sayer had seen the truck pulling up towards the stop sign near the Parklands turn-off while he was driving along the Nambour Connection Rd on Friday.

But he thought it would stop.

"It failed to stop at the stop sign and hit my little blue soft-top Vitara,” Mr Sayer said.

He fought back tears as he recollected the incident in his car, which he said didn't have a great track record for safety.

Older-type Suzuki Vitaras like Mr Sayer's have a one-star safety rating on the howsafeisyourcar website.

But Mr Sayer loved his car, which was a total write-off after the crash.

"I've never experienced anything like this,” he said.

"I remember distinctly he (the truck driver) was stopping. He told me later I was in his blind spot and he heard the tyres screeching before he saw me.”

It was his quick thinking to duck his head that saved him from more serious injury.

"I always thought to myself with this car, if it ever starts to roll, duck your head.

"And I did it. I saw the road coming towards the driver's window and I thought 'duck' and I held my head into my chest.

"It felt like I was sliding forever and the road was centimetres from my head with the car on top of me.

"Everything was in slow motion.

"What was incredible was the noise, these noises, with sliding metal.”

When the sliding finally stopped Mr Sayer found himself hanging upside down.

He freed himself and crawled out through the open end of the hatchback. Mr Sayer's wife Vickie posted a strong message on Facebook urging drivers to take more care.

"The truck struck the rear passenger side of the Vitara, causing it to flip and slide for some distance down the road,” she said.

"Luckily, Sam had the foresight to tuck his head to his chest, protecting it from impact with the roadway. When his vehicle came to a stop he crawled out of the rear where the soft top had come away from the frame.”

In addition to thanking those who helped Mr Sayer and correcting earlier information which suggested his car may have been the cause of the accident, she pleaded with everyone to remember "stop means stop”.

"Please, please, please stop at stop signs! They are there for a reason,” she said.

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