How to secure a network

COMPUTER hi-jackers may be logging into your wireless network and putting their hand into your wallet.

A Clarence Valley computer company claims that internet 'hi-jackers' are taking advantage of unsecured networks to download hefty files. And it doesm't cost them a cent

Bonnie Capell, of Computer Troubleshooters in Grafton, has had reports of excessive internet bills for data they didn't use.

An easy way to prevent this from occurring is to secure your wireless network.

Computer Troubleshooters workshop manager Mitchell Pracy told The Examiner how to secure your network.

If your network is currently listed as 'unsecure', follow these steps to 'secure' your network.

1) You will require the IP address of your ADSL router in use. This can be found in the user manual and should look something like Also look for your routers User and Pass details which are often, user: admin, pass: admin.

2) Once you have these details, open Internet Explorer and enter the IP address of your ADSL router into the address box of Internet Explorer and hit 'enter' or click 'go'.

3) A username and password box should appear, enter the details found in your user book.

4) Once logged on look for a tab name 'Wireless' or 'Security'.

5) Once you have located the security section you will want to enable WPA2 PSK.

6) On the same page you will need to enter an eight character Pre Set Key (PSK) which will be your wireless access password.

7) You will then need to apply and save changes.

8) Once you have saved the changes, any devices that connect to the ADSL Router via wireless, will need to be reconnected using the eight character Pre Set Key used in step 6.

9) Connect to your wireless network as usual but in the last steps of connection windows will ask you for your PSK password.

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