LETTER: My 3 ways to fix broken debt system

YOUR SAY: Malcolm Turnbull wants innovative Aussies to step up and show the robbing politicians in parliament how we can get Australia out of the debt they are building.

I am far from a Rhodes scholar but I do have some ideas that even blind Freddy can see is wrong with this country.

1. Instead of all these politicians spending millions of tax payer's money on travel and expenses to attend parliament and various other functions they could have video link-ups like most successful business do. Savings would be millions and let's face it most of the questions asked in parliament are members grandstanding anyway.

2. If there is a need for a politician to attend a function, the travel and accommodation should be at a set standard and monitored. If members of the family accompany the politician all costs involved are not to be paid by taxpayers. The member is elected to the position not his family! Savings would be millions.

3. When politicians retire, are voted out or replaced etc. their entitlement should be calculated by using the same method normal working Aussies are paid. All these other perks that carry on after they have exited parliament have to stop. They are all spendthrifts who don't really care about the Australian economy. Savings would be billions.

These three suggestions alone would have Australia out of debt within a decade but one can only dream of this happening. These clowns belong in a circus not in parliament.

These suggestions are far better than the ones Turnbull and his side kick are suggesting because they will actually work and won't cost us voters a cent.

Darryl Williams, Harristown

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