Dean Bartlett made a handy 25 at the top of the order for Iluka in their win over Maclean United.
Dean Bartlett made a handy 25 at the top of the order for Iluka in their win over Maclean United. Matthew McInerney

Iluka stage comeback to secure fourth spot

LCCA CRICKET: Some sage advice from old heads has proved to work wonders for up-and-coming Iluka all-rounder Josh Lane, with the 16-year-old claiming career best figures of 7 for 20 in Iluka's win over Maclean United.

Lane was the sixth bowler used by captain Dave Cowan but proved to do the most damage, with United restricted to a total of 162 after winning the toss and electing to bat first.

Cowan said he was pleased with the contributions made by his batters who contributed in chasing down the runs in 37.3 overs.

"It's always good when we get a win, especially over the competition leaders, and everyone made a fairly even contribution," Cowan said.

"It was a good team effort, and will give us some confidence leading into the finals. The last few weeks and months we've been a lot more consistent, so we're coming good at the right time of the season."

Cowan said he was impressed with how hard Lane has worked on his bowling, and was glad to see the work paid off over the weekend.

"He was bowling a good length and line on the stumps, and just had one of those days you hope to have when you get the ball in your hand," Cowan said.

"I've been telling him he doesn't need to try so hard, just settle in and let the ball do the work."

With one game remaining in the regular season against Harwood, Cowan said the competition was tight among the top four.

"We've been a bit inconsistent in previous years, but this year with some new combinations and having 11 players on the field it's made a big difference," he said.

"There's a lot of good feeling in the team and confidence is high leading into the finals."


Lower Clarence Cricket Association   MACLEAN BOWLING CLUB 1ST GRADE   Round 16   ILUKA V MACLEAN UNITED   At Iluka Oval Turf   Toss: Maclean United   Umpires: Bill McCarron, Kevin Eames   Maclean United 1st Innings   D Moran run out (J Barber) 1    M Woodward lbw b Bartlett 56    A Moffitt b Lane 24   D McColl c Speirs b Lane 35    J Moran not out 25   C Moran c Ryan b Lane 0    G Clark c James b Lane 0    A Whiteside b Lane 2   N Williams b Lane 8   D Clark b Lane 0    J Causley run out (B James) 0    Extras (b 0, lb 2, w 9, nb 0) 11    ALL-OUT for 162   Overs: 37   Bowling: J Allen 8-1-24-0, D Cowen 3-0-18-0, C Bell 4-0-24-0, J Barber 2-0-24-0, Z Newton 8-2-28-0, D Bartlett 6-2-22-1, J Lane 6-0-20-7   Iluka 1st Innings   B James run out 4    G Ryan b Causley 26   D Bartlett b Causley 25    J Lane lbw b C Moran 4   J Allen b whiteside 13   B Anderson not out 36   G Speirs lbw b D Clark 22    Z Newton not out 19   Extras (b 0, lb 4, w 12, nb 0) 16    SIX wickets for 165   Overs: 37.3   FoW: 1-4(B James) 2-57(D Bartlett) 3-62(G Ryan) 4-77(J Lane) 5-79(J Allen) 6-130(G Speirs)    Bowling: J Causley 8-0-25-2, C Moran 2-0-11-1, A Whiteside 8-0-29-1, D Clark 4.3-0-20-1, G Clark 7-0-49-0, N Williams 8-0-25-0    Iluka won by four wickets.    LAWRENCE V WANDERERS   At Barry Watts Turf   Toss: Lawrence   Umpires: Steve Cameron, Dave Whitby   Lawrence 1st Innings   T Gerrard c Plater b Honeybrook 19    L Ensbey c & b Everett 1    B O'Connor c Robison b Boyd 0    L Moloney c T Peterie b Everett 20    D Christinson b Boyd 0   A Giffin not out 12   HJ Ensbey c Plater b Honeybrook 15    JB Jesser b Honeybrook 5    B Davis c T Peterie b Causley 4    A Tory c Honeybrook b Causley 5    Extras (b 5, lb 0, w 6, nb 2) 13    NINE wickets for 94   Overs: 29   FoW: 1-2(L Ensbey) 2-3(B O'Connor) 3-40(L Moloney) 4-40(D Christinson) 5-58(T Gerrard) 6-74(JB Jesser) 7-87(B Davis) 8-89(HJ Ensbey) 9-94(A Tory)    Bowling: B Honeybrook 8-2-10-3, A Everett 6-2-22-0, AG Boyd 8-1-34-2, D Causley 7-1-23-2   Wanderers 1st Innings   T Peterie b Davis 1   J Plater b Davis 3   A Robison c L Ensbey b O'Connor 21    B Honeybrook not out 54   J Peterie not out 12   Extras (b 0, lb 0, w 7, nb 0) 7    THREE wickets for 98   Overs: 16.1   FoW: 1-5(J Plater) 2-6(T Peterie) 3-61(a robison)    Bowling: B Davis 6-0-23-2, B O'Connor 3-0-23-1, L Moloney 2-0-17-0, HJ Ensbey 4-1-7-0, D Christinson 1.1-0-18-0      LCCA THIRD GRADE   Round 15   Yamba CC 8/165(cc) (V Funnell 50*, C Hollis 34, B Grosse 28; J Essex 2/22) def by Maclean United CC 4/166 (G Armer 50*, s flannery 41, l johns 24, H Clark 20*; S Studdert 2/22)   Lawrence CC 9/133 (N Moloney 45*, A Lee 41; G Ayres 4/12, J DUFF 3/29) def by Iluka CC White 6/141 (l vial 35, J DUFF 31*, G Ayres 31*)   Iluka CC Red 149 (P Bradmore 53*, B Sevior 30) def by Woodford Island Warriors CC WHite 8/164 (B Richards 4/28, J Richards 2/29)   Harwood CC Blue 137 (A Moss 29, C Lewis 23, E Lewis 21; J PRIDDLE 3/15, D Williams 2/15) def by Wanderers CC 144 (T Bannerman 42, S Roberts 22, g eggins 20, J PRIDDLE 20; T Gallagher 2/2, Jx Menzies 2/10, C Lewis 2/18, D Moloney 2/41)   Woodford Island Warriors CC Blue 9/111 (L WHITE 52*, tj sangster 20; C Tabor 4/10, A Luland 2/6, S Colby 2/32) def by Harwood CC Gold 175 (D Turner 41, C Tabor 34, S Colby 22; tj sangster 3/6, Z Breckinridge 3/29)  

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