Editorial - Tuesday, October 8: I’m sticking my nose in

NOSE-in parking is better than reverse angle. I feel strongly about this and to build my case I will share with you a story about the kind of person who likes reverse angle parking.

Yesterday I chatted to a lady about the woeful problems reverse angle parking inflicted on Graftonians. A lady butted in from over my shoulder.

"Yer can't change it, people won't know how to park," she interjected. "And yer can't see the traffic when you reverse out."

While I disagree, as a journo I am obligated to hear both sides, so I acknowledged her perspective and wrote it down and finally asked her name.

"Oh no," she said. "I'm not going in the bloody paper."

She then walked out of the shop and got in her car, which was parked at a 90-degree angle to the gutter.

There are three things in this exchange I object to. Firstly, while I am obligated to satisfy journalism's objectivity norm on the opinion page, I will happily say her view is wrong.

And secondly, I do not like people who expect others to listen to their opinion but will not put their name forward.

Thirdly, the lady in question should learn to park.

Now, back to reverse angle parking. It is annoying and as some of the stories on pages four and five show, it leads to property damage.

To the US study that found it reduced the number of crashes, I say boodiddle, no one cares.

Plenty of other towns have nose-in parking and I have never read a story like this: "A man was mown down by someone trying to park their car yesterday and residents are blaming nose-in parking."

And finally, on the issue of Prince St, I say stop all cars, pave the whole thing, turn it into a plaza and let it boom.

People will be healthier for having to walk and it will increase the retail space.

The council should buy one or both of the vacant car dealership buildings at the end of the main drag and build multi-storey car parks.

Lachlan Thompson

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