EVERY day he pulls on his long socks, his tailored shorts and a backpack and sets off up town on foot.

He does his groceries, goes to the post office, the bank, whatever he needs to do and fills his backpack with what he can.

Then he walks home, unpacks and sets off again up the main street to finish his shopping.

It sounds like the routine of a fairly fit bloke.

Thing is, Kenneth Weeks is 100-years-old.

Standing only 1.5m tall, Mr Weeks may be small, but with a full head of hair and the independence of a 50-year-old, this pocket rocket doesn't seem a day over 80.

The Greaves St local was born in Grafton a century ago and has been here ever since, aside from a year he spent in Brisbane in his 20s.

He went to primary school at Carr's Creek before moving to Grafton Primary School and later Grafton High School.

Having taken many career paths over his lifetime, Mr Weeks is something of a Jack-of-all-trades.

"I've been a motor mechanic, an electrician, truck driver and a fishing boat builder... oh and a carpenter," Mr Weeks said.

That's not to mention having his own radio and electrical business in Prince St for a number of years, built an aerodrome or two, worked for a childcare centre and at the electoral office - all before he retired at 65.

Sons Noel and Ian remember their father as a strict man growing up, but always fair, fit and healthy.

"No smoking, no drinking and lots of walking did it I think," Ian said.

"He's always been very active."

And that's not just physically.

Mr Weeks still keeps his eye on the share market, managing his stocks and does his own tax returns.

"I'm my own boss," he said.

He still lives at his Grafton home, which was once owned by his great grandfather William Greaves (hence, Greaves St).

Mr Weeks has nine grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren and celebrated his birthday with family on Saturday.

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