RE-VIEW: My girl says this movie is ‘better than Frozen’

Re-View, with Matt Murphy - The DEX columnist

SO AFTER much anticipation - my five-year-old girl and I had watched the trailer repeatedly for months - we ventured off to see the latest from Disney Pixar Studios. Inside Out is more or less the adventure of the 'five emotions' who help make decisions for an 11-year-old girl named Riley.

Yes, it's a simple plot line as Riley contemplates running away to deal with her families sudden cross-country relocation, but the entertainment comes from the shenanigans of 'Joy', 'Disgust', 'Fear', 'Anger' and 'Sadness' as they deal with the issues in Riley's day and battle it out for control of the console in her mind.

Disney Pixar - who without doubt make some of the most creative, witty and heart-felt movies in Hollywood for any age - have essentially succeeded again.

The Pixar team are masters at simplifying their stories to target the important things - family, love, belonging and growing up.

This time they have literally scaled it back to cater for these raw emotions, each playing their part in Riley's development.

Memory - short term/long term - and its fascinating place in grooming our personality is used cleverly and provokes thought about what we indeed forget and remember throughout our lives.

When some of Riley's 'Core Memories' are suddenly yet temporarily flushed to the memory dump along with the leader 'Joy' and the slowly more important 'Sadness' - Riley begins to struggle with confronting these new issues in her life. Will she prevail?

Is it as funny as some of the other all-time animation greats like Toy Story and Monsters Inc?

Probably not, definitely not for adults anyway.

But it sure has the heart of Up or WALL-E. Either way, if you've got some spare cash, Disney at $115 a share still looks like a great investment.

They are the greatest marketing and merchandise company on the planet.

Somehow we've already got the accompanying book and figurines (thanks Nana!). Geniuses. So we move to my little one - who was already familiar with the premise and was not disappointed.

Although prone to hyperbole like most five-year-olds - she declared it 9 out of 10. I asked her again just to be sure. She held firm on her opinion and even took it further. "I liked it better than Frozen!"

Enough said.

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