Insulation bonus great for local jobs

THE Federal Government's decision to increase the rebate for insulation of properties is expected to see a doubling of staff for the Valley's only specialist insulation company.

Director of Access Insulation, David Comerford, said the Yamba branch of his company presently employed just two staff members, but following the government's announcement, he was already contemplating putting on an additional two employees.

“It will just depend on demand, but just a day after the stimulus rebate was announced the phone is really starting to ring,” he said.

Mr Comerford said he was concerned that some 'cowboys' would set up insulation businesses to cash in on the expected rush and he warned people to check the details carefully on any quotes they get for their insulation.

“Some people may find that the quote they have been given is for inferior quality insulation and as such it could seem to be a great bargain,” he said.

“In truth they may be getting something that will only do half the job.”

Mr Comerford said the average cost of insulation installed on a three-bedroom home came in between about $1200 to $1400.

“Once the insulation is in place, home owners should note a drop in their home's inside temperature on hot days by five to 10 degrees,” he said. “The insulation will hold in the heat from heaters and retain the cool air produced by air-conditioners.”

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