Iron bar attack ends in periodic detention

A FORMER Maclean man has been sentenced to periodic detention after he hit a man on the head with an iron bar to avenge an earlier assault on a friend.

Ronald Joseph Henry Williams, now of Casino, received the sentence in Maclean Local Court yesterday after pleading guilty to a charge of reckless wounding.

According to police, the 22-year-old assaulted victim Richard Woods because he was angry that Woods had been involved in an earlier fight that left another friend of his unconscious.

The conflict started when Williams and his flatmates were woken at 6am by a friend – Adam Lee – fighting with Woods in the lounge room of their Ilarwill home.

They came out of their bedrooms to find Lee unconscious on the ground and Woods nearby. Woods left to return home and an ambulance was called for Lee.

Williams and the other residents jumped in a car to drive to Woods’ house in Hillcrest Road, Maclean.
According to Williams’ friends, they were intending to speak with Woods to find out why he had come to their house and got involved in a fight with Lee.

When they arrived, two of the men entered the verandah of the house and called for Woods to come outside.

They were talking with Woods when Williams ran up the driveway holding an iron bar from a weights set.
Williams hit Woods with the bar in the shoulder and head area, knocking him to the ground. He then continued to hit the victim with the iron bar in the legs as he lay injured on the ground.

An ambulance was called for Woods which, when it arrived, was found to contain Adam Lee – the man injured in the first altercation.

Williams and his friends had left the house by the time police arrived, but Woods was found on the verandah with a blanket over him, bleeding from a head wound.

While at the house, police were called to the first incident in Ilarwill, which had only just been reported.

Meanwhile, the friends had driven back to their home in Ilarwill, where Williams was later arrested.
He told police he had been drinking the night before the incident and was intoxicated when he hit Woods with the iron bar.

Williams was sentenced to six months periodic detention.

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