Is it time for a skate park extension in Yamba?

IF YOU ever want to be truly terrified, swing by the Yamba skate park on any given day.

These are the words of Ty Deaton-Young, an Angourie mother who is concerned about the number of skaters who share the park on Coldstream St.

A former skater herself, she said it was great to see everybody out there having fun and getting exercise, but that it was becoming obvious that the size of the park was inadequate for the amount of wheel traffic it attracts.

"You have skaters, often big guys over six-foot plus, sharing the small, precious space with four-year-olds on scooters, and everyone in between," she said.

"Dozens of towns dotted around New South Wales (many with a much smaller population than Yamba) have far larger and superior parks."

The current skate park structure was redeveloped as part of the Out Of the Box project in 2011, after the former community-constructed skate park was deemed unsafe and demolished.

The move had a lot of support from a core group of people who spent years fundraising and lobbying for a decent skate park.

Ms Deaton-Young said it was now clear that an extra skate park, or bowl, would be beneficial for locals and visitors alike.

"With a town our size and the current uses coupled with a population that probably doubles or trebles in holiday periods, it should be an obvious necessity," she said.

"It would in fact also be a drawcard, bringing more people into the town. It would also be a smart move for safety reasons to have a separate park for the under tens, I'm sure that would be a relief for the nail-biting parents looking on.

"It's 2016 and time to look at the needs of the youth and adults in our town.

"We need someone in Council to care and research and talk to the users and build the skate park our town and uses deserve."

Clarence Valley Council's works and civil director Troy Anderson acknowledged the Yamba skate park was a well-used facility.

Mr Anderson said there were requests to expand the skate park to include a 'skate bowl', and in 2013 this option was explored with a contractor.

However, there was no funding for the $75,000 project.

The option of a second skate park in Yamba was not feasible, he said, but the council would see where recent interest from the Yamba Skate Park Committee to recommence planning for the bowl project went.

"Council recently resolved to retain the Yamba Skate Park Committee and will work with the committee if it seeks to restart planning."

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