Is your boat safe in a flood or storm?

WHEN there's a flood or storm warning we all have enough to think about on the roads, at work and at home, so the last thing you need to add to your worries is the thought that you haven't had your boat's mooring checked.

Every time the wind blows a boat breaks or drags its mooring and this often causes danger to people and damage to your or others property.

If you own a moored boat you need to understand that it's a condition of your mooring licence that your mooring apparatus is suitable for the job, kept in good condition and checked at least annually.

If a mooring breaks or fails the owner is simply not abiding with these conditions and insurances for your boat may be void with the result of damage to or total loss of your boat, the destruction of or damage to other people's boats, damage t waterside property and an expensive pollution incident, all of which the owner becomes financially liable.

It's not worth the risk. Have your mooring checked.

RMS officers routinely inspect moored boats and look for obvious damage or wear of the visible mooring apparatus and randomly contacts mooring licensees seeking evidence that the mooring has in fact been serviced.

Where acceptable evidence is not made available to RMS, fines and the cancellation of your mooring licence may result.

So before the next flood or storm, contact your mooring contractor and arrange to have your mooring checked. For more information about mooring your boat and servicing of moorings or other boating rules, visit or call 13 12 36, or just wave me down on the water. See you out there.

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