Guilty plea after months of obsessive stalking and assault

A FORMER Seelands man, who carried out a nine-month campaign of assaults and threatening text messages against a man he suspected of having an affair with his partner, will be sentenced in July.

Peter Michael Travers, 25, who lives in Queensland, pleaded guilty to two charges of stalking with threats to intimidate, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assault, reckless wounding and common assault when he appeared in Grafton Court on Monday.

He was convicted of those charges. A charge of entering premises to commit an indictable offence was withdrawn.

Police evidence said Travers began the campaign in September 2012 when he was told the victim and Travers's partner, who are work colleagues, began exchanging text messages and were seen to kiss.

Travers sent his victim a text message telling him he was aware of the kiss and would "be having words" with him.

On September 30 he confronted the victim and punched him to the ground and threatened him with further violence.

On March 6, 2013 the victim received text messages he thought "flirty" and suspected they were not genuine.

He sent back a message saying "just calm down mate. It's all a bit of fun".

Travers replied: "Too late for that cupcakes. Your time will come tick tock tick tock tick tock, your f_____g dead."

Two days later Travers confronted the victim at his home, head butting him and punching him until a neighbour intervened.

After twice having all four tyres on his car slashed in April, the victim asked a friend to have a word with Travers.

Travers replied with an abusive message, insinuating slashed car tyres would be the least of the victim's worries.

The campaign came to a head in the early hours of June 27, when the victim and his partner were woken by Travers banging on their front door.

Travers ignored warnings that if he didn't leave, the police would be called.

He also ignored pleas to stop because there were three children in the house.

He launched an assault and they wrestled on the floor amid broken glass.

Police said Travers had his victim in a "wrestling hold" and continued to punch him until two neighbours dragged him away.

The evidence said at this stage Travers was yelling, "my missus, he's still been texting her".

Travers was seen to get into a car with his partner as passenger and drive off.

Police went to Travers's property at Seelands where they found a vehicle with the engine still hot, but no sign of the owner.

That afternoon Travers came to Grafton Police Station where he was charged with the offences before the court.

A pre-sentence report has been ordered. The case was adjourned until July 7.

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