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OPINION: Could humans be trained like dogs?

IT'S often been said that if aliens arrived on earth and saw people walking their dogs, they'd assume the canines were the superior beings.

After all, we often walk behind them, and then when they decide to defecate we bend down and pick it up after them.

Now we seem set to follow our four-legged friends in another area.

Take this to your boss: dogs at work aid productivity

While for years we have trained dogs using treats, we haven't been so quick to use the same technique on humans.

We'd be too smart to fall for such trickery with treats, wouldn't we?

Apparently not, according to academics at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology who are about to trial using chocolate to encourage people to exercise.

David Moase.
David Moase.

Researcher Rohit Ashok Khot will reward users with chocolate treats made on a 3D food printer, and the more they exercise the smoother the chocolate they get to eat.

Ten families will be chosen to see if they engage in more exercise when being rewarded with food treats.

They will be hooked up to heart monitors that will measure their physical exertion and then transform and deliver the equivalent amount of energy as chocolate piped out of the 3D food printer. The printed chocolate will be personalised to their activity and will take shape of their name, smiley faces, flowers and hearts.

And if the humans succeed with the exercise training, the next thing you know they might be able to sit and shake hands as well.

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