Itch Goes celebrates a milestone year

SCRATCH THAT ITCH: Founder of Itch Goes Ilma Hynson at the last Yamba Markets.
SCRATCH THAT ITCH: Founder of Itch Goes Ilma Hynson at the last Yamba Markets. Caitlan Charles

FOR TWO YEARS, the people of Yamba were bitten and stung to get Itch Goes to where it is today.

For the past eight years, Ilma Hynson has been working hard to bring her natural product to treat stings and bites to the people, and now, she's celebrating selling the 1000th retail box.

"It was mainly for mosquitoes and sand flies (originally) but now we know eight years later it works on anything, swelling, inflammation, itching of the skin, it doesn't matter what the cause it, because its analgesic," she said.

"I've been bitten by a jumping ant on my toe and it was so so painful and as soon as I put Itch Goes on it, it dissipated the pain."

In 2005, Ms Hynson, a homoeopath, moved to Yamba she found there was an epidemic of mosquito-born viruses and she wanted to do something about it.

"We found that just using a few remedies for the mosquito bites and the acute didn't work and we set up the mosquito-born virus clinic where we area treating the whole purposes, and we've had really good results," she said.

"The view was to test everybody in Yamba or this area, we'd all have the antibodies to Ross River and Barmah Forest, but not be sick because our immune systems are good."

With only two active ingredients, which are plant additives, Ms Hynson said it's not a harmful product.

"It's the perfect product to keep in your purse or your pocket just in case," she said.

"We don't always use repellents, but there could be a walk over and ants nest any time... and it would work."

The Australian Homoeopathic Association release a medical magazine quarterly, and the study Ms Hynson performed between 2007 and 2009 will be published in the magazine.

"I feel fantastic (about that), because I didn't really realise when I was doing it how important I was," she said.

"The fact that people are really paying attention to what I did, the way that I did it.

"It's going to be published in December. I'm very, very grateful."

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