DILAPIDATED: 33 Fitzroy St is set to be demolished despite it's heritage status.
DILAPIDATED: 33 Fitzroy St is set to be demolished despite it's heritage status. Caitlan Charles

"IT'S A DUMP": Heritage building to be demolished

"IT'S a dump," is all councillor Jason Kingsley had to say when council were deciding if they would allow 33 Fitzroy St 'Dunville' to be demolished, despite its heritage status.

The heritage home is a weatherboard clad Federation residence with a rare second storey within the roof space. Adding to its historical significance is the presumed association with master builders George Wunderlich and Sons and demonstrates the development in Grafton at the turn of the last century.

Despite this, the dilapidated home will now be demolished after council approved the DA subject to the schedule of draft conditions and agreed to the demolition of the heritage listed item, replacement of Jacaranda trees and relaxation of the manoeuvring standards in Council's Development Control Plan for this development.

At the Clarence Valley Council meeting, Cr Greg Clancy said he was concerned a house listed as historical could be allowed to deteriorate to the point where it was too costly to repair.

Cr Debrah Novak suggested the house could be moved because she believed it was important to preserve Grafton's heritage houses.

"I think it's remiss of us to not be custodians of this building," she said. "It sets the tone for other developers who demolish our old heritage buildings. I feel it could have been explored a little more."

Cr Karen Toms, on the other hand, said it surprises her when people come out of the woodwork when items like this house come before council.

"If they really feel passionate about certain buildings, they have had every opportunity to go to the owner of that building and ask if they can have it. I'm sure they would gladly be given the building if they pay for the relocation of it."

The house, however, was described as beyond repair by Cr Richie Williamson.

"The building is buggered, beyond the point of redemption," he said.

"The report goes into replacing the jacarandas from local seed stock with mature jacarandas.

"The building is beyond repair and it is in a heritage precinct, and (the development) will be sympathetic to the precinct," Cr Williamson said.

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