IT WILL be do or die as the remaining 20 teams play their semi-finals this Saturday.

The first games will be the B-grade semi-finals which are both on at 12.20pm , with the day wrapping up at 6.35pm (unless games go into extra time).

The elimination semi-finals will end with one team packing away its sticks for the summer while the other team earns a spot in next week's finals.

In the major semi-final, one team is rewarded with the week off and heads straight into the grand final challenge, while the other team plays again next week.

In the event that a semi-final match is drawn after the normal game time of 30 minutes of play each way, a two minute break will be taken.

Teams will then play five minutes extra time (sudden death) with two field players dropped off. If it is still level, another five minutes of sudden death extra time will be added with two more field players per team being dropped off. If the game is still drawn, a penalty stroke play off will take place. It might be a bit late to say this, but your fitness could help your team win.

Umpires have been listed for the semi-final games. If you are unable to fulfil your umpiring or tech bench duty, please contact Lyn Newby so a suitable replacement can be made.

All teams playing in the semi-finals need to organise a team photo. Players are asked to arrive early for their games to ensure photos are taken. Please email your team photos to me at

The coaching committee need nominations for "Senior Coach of the Year" and "Junior Coach of the Year" ASAP. Please put your nominations in writing and hand to June Allen or send by email to . Yvonne Cameron is still chasing perpetual trophies - please return this week.

The AGM was held on Tuesday evening with Lyn Newby re-elected as president for 2014. She will be supported by Trudy Schultz and Rebecca Oseland as vice presidents, Leisa Sedger as secretary, Maria Felton as treasurer and Linda Stevens as competition registrar. Most positions on committees were filled and on two occasions, we were overwhelmed by nominations and had to go to a vote. To all those who have retired or have stood down from positions, our thanks. To the members who have taken up positions again, or nominated for the first time, congratulations and thank you for volunteering.

Teams and clubs need to notify GHA administrator Joel Ward by email of when their final training sessions on the turfs will be held. Teams will be charged for turf times if they fail to notify Joel this information.


A Grade - McAuley White

AR 1 - Village Angels

AR 2 - Demons Scotts and Grafton High Cruzers

AR 3 - Kylies Kasuals

B Grade - McAuley Magic.

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