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IT upsets Trish Ramsay that she weighs 137 kilograms and can’t run around and kick a ball with her kids.

But the thing that gets her the most is when her kids say “it’s okay, Mum”.

“I know it’s not okay ... it’s not something they should have to deal with,” said the Yamba mother of two boys – Cameron and Ben.

So at about 70kg above her ideal weight – according to – what is Trish going to do about it?

She’s going to get busy by using her son Cameron’s trip to Spain to represent Australia in Futsal as an incentive. Cameron was selected to play in the under-14s Australian team, the Vikings, on their tour of Spain in October and November.

Trish is looking for sponsors to pay her for every kilo she sheds – with the money going towards her son’s $6800 ticket and an additional $6800 needed to send her husband, Adam.

Trish, who works as assistant manager at EB Games in Grafton Shoppingworld, said she was hoping to lose 20 kilograms by her weigh-in/reveal date of Sunday, July 10.

“But I know that the harder I work and the more I lose the more money I will raise for Cam to represent Australia,” she said.

Trish said she had some metabolic/thyroid issues which made weight loss more challenging, but she was sick of making excuses.

“I have been obese for 11 years, I was skinny in my younger days,” she said.

She said it was her weight which had prevented her from joining her son on his big trip.

“Firstly, I’m too big to be comfortable on the plane and at this weight I’m not particularly healthy, so if I get sick I will wreck Cameron’s time,” she said.

Trish said publishing her weight and quest in The Daily Examiner were all part of making the commitment.

Shortly after stepping off the scales, Trish said the figure made her feel “like shit”, even though she weighed 149kg last October.

“My son (Cam) is a health fanatic, he is scared that I am so overweight,” she said.

“You get so mad at yourself for ever letting it get that bad.”

Other fundraising ideas for Cam’s trip include a footy tipping competition, a youth dance/hip hop night, a concert and possibly a bowling fundraising day.

If you can help the cause in anyway please see Trish at EB Games or call her on 0401 044 485, 6645 8746 (home) or 6642 5352 (work).

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