It's official he's a legend

SYDNEY Jones has been officially recognised as a Legend of the Maclean Highland Gathering.

“I’m very proud to have my name listed with the Scottish fraternity,” Mr Jones said yesterday from his business in Maclean.

Highland chief Peter Smith said that Mr Jones’ appointment as one of three legends in 2010 was given in honour of his services to the local community and his long association with the event.

“Syd’s involvement in the Maclean Highland Gathering started in 1962, carrying the red Ramping Lion Scottish Flag at the head of the street march and he maintained that position until 1996 when ill health forced his retirement,” Mr Smith said.

Commenting on the commitment, Mr Jones said: “I assure you it was a long march from the bottom hotel to the showground on windy or wet days.”

Mr Jones also said that the Highland Gathering has grown bigger, brighter and better.

“Today it is recognised as one of the best gatherings in Australia and it is a credit to the organisers,” he said.

With 48 years of active involvement under his belt, Mr Jones has also contributed his time as a volunteer on the gates and booth through his membership of the Lower Clarence Apex association.

Now approaching 90 years of age, Mr Jones still works up to 11 hours a day in his butchery in Maclean and has been operating from the same location for more than 60 years.

“The community here at Maclean addresses Syd Jones with great respect,” Mr Smith said.

The Legends honour role includes Rosie McLellan and Charlie McInnes (2006), Trevor Essex and Sandy Campbell (2007), Norman MacSwan and Colin McSwan (2008), Eleanor (Lin) McSwan and Maurie DeHayr (2009), and this year’s legends, Sydney Jones, Beryl Leslie, and Barbara Lamb.

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