TOP BILLING: Mick "the duck man" Davis with one of his racing ducks at the Grafton Show. PHOTO: JOJO NEWBY

It’s time to duck into the show

WADDLE you do if you go to the Grafton Show?

Well, we suggest you head on down to Mick's Racing Duck Show.

Mick's feathery friends will be sure to quack you up as they run laps around their obstacle course.

And if you're looking for some egg-cellent entertainment, it's sure to fit the bill.

Mr Davis takes his six ducks - Duck Up, Duck Down, Duck In, Duck Out, Duck Over and Duck Through - to about 50 shows each year.

The ducks start in the barriers, climb up a ladder and slide down a slippery dip and into a pond.

They then waddle through the ring of fire (which actually has no fire) and complete three laps of the circuit before crossing the finish line.

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