Ivories shine for sweet revenge

IN a highly-anticipated game, these two evenly-matched teams came together for the second time this season.

Their previous result was a win for the Rampagers who had beaten Ivories by one goal. This time, however, Ivories wanted to reverse that result.

Both teams started strongly, going goal for goal, with the Rampagers’ Breanna Hastings and Ellenie Hayman alongside Ivories’ Karen Trstenjak and Kate Gordon kept busy moving with the ball to each end of the court.

The score at the end of the first quarter showed the Rampagers ahead by two goals 10-8.

Both teams made key positional changes to try to break the deadlock.

Ivory’s Jane Ryder and Caron Stevenson strongly defended Rampagers’ shooters Cortney Kliendeist and Hayley Kingsley to ensure many of their attempts at goal were not successful.

Ivories pulled away from Rampagers with the score at halftime being 22-16 to the Ivories.

The Rampagers were not about to let Ivories get the better of them in this game and came out with authority in the third quarter.

This time Rampagers defenders Kellsie Burton and Shelby Ditton gave Ivories’ shooters Tania Ditton and Karen Trstenjak minimal opportunities to shoot.

With family loyalties left behind, mother and daughter were pitted against each other with both Tania and Shelby not letting the other get the upper hand.

The score at the end of this low-scoring quarter was 27-20.

Leading into the final quarter, the Rampagers again made strategic changes to try to run the Ivories’ lead down.

With the Rampagers Karlie Durrington and Karley Eveleigh in the wings, Ivories’ Pheobe Cooper-Jackson and Tracey Patterson ensured Durrington and Eveleigh worked hard to move the ball down the court.

While the Rampagers won the final quarter, the lead was still too great to pull in with the Ivories beating the Rampagers 32-27.

A res grade

Rhino Ivories 32 d Rhino Rampagers 27

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