Jacaranda fairies ready to run

SIX years ago local fitness fanatic and accomplished runner Anna Campbell weighed 88kg and was constantly feeling lethargic and battled to keep up with her two-year-old son Leo.

In an effort to lose weight Anna started jogging and since then has never looked back.

She quickly dropped down to a very trim 60kg and made fitness and activity part of her life style.

"The main thing that keeps me motivated is training with friends," Campbell said.

"Eighteen months ago I started running with Kylie McGrath and we decided to train up for the Jacaranda Fun Run. We hadn't raced before and were excited about a new challenge.

"Girlfriends saw how much fun we had running and decided to join and eventually we hatched a plan to run as a group in the fun run called 'the Fabulous Fairies'.

In preparation for the Jacaranda Fun Run Anna and friend Kylie McGrath will be competing in the Coffs Harbour Half Marathon held on Sunday.

Commonwealth Games gold medallist and four-time Olympic marathon competitor Steve Moneghetti has also entered.

He currently holds the record for the City to Surf (set in 1991) and has often been described as "the Mick Jagger of long distance running".

For all the aspiring and existing runners out there, don't forget the Jacaranda Fun Run on Sunday, November 6 from 8am.

Start training now. Joining other runners is the best way to kick start your training program. Anna and Kylie's running group run from the Big Tree at the Hockey grounds at 4pm every Friday or a mixed group of runners and walkers get together for a run in front of the Crown Hotel at 5.30pm also on a Friday.

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