Adam Cusack The Valley.
Adam Cusack The Valley. Grafton Regional Gallery

JADA 2018: 13 days to go...

The JADA countdown features a 2018 finalist every day until the winner is announced on October 26 at the Grafton Regional Gallery.

Artist: Adam Cusack

Title: The Valley 2017, 90 x 70cm. 2018 JADA finalist.

KEN Done choose Cusack's work In plain sight as the winner of the 2016 Jacaranda Acquistive Drawing Award and the Melbourne-based artist has again been selected as finalist in 2018.

The recent appeal in realism and hyperrealism in the contemporary art world is reflected in Cusack's intricate, finely executed work as it unravels countless conceptual possibilities.

The Far North Queensland-born artist's life-long passion for graphic novels, animation and film is evident throughout his practice, which traverses multiple media, including drawing, painting, installation and sculpture, as he explores ideas of authenticity and identity in popular culture.

Cusack developed a talent for making art following his nose with an audition for the Centre of Artistic Development - an artistic program for regional high schools. His entry into the program opened the door for his artistic vocation. His love of America's abstract expressionists Jasper Johns and Jackson Pollack sealed his calling, which led to study at Queensland's Culture of the Arts in Seven Hills.

Using a process of conceptual development, photography then drawing or painting to realise the artwork, Cusack is interested in showing real things in provocative ways; assembling unrelated objects together to bring about relationships that challenge the perception of the original items.

His creative approach honours the traditional picture plane, utilising simple methods, applying charcoal or pigment on the prepared surface.

"The act of making something to 'look real' is not what's necessarily important to the work. However, I have found that spending time on the rendering of the subject gives value to the idea, which in turn allows the audience to consider it's 'unrealism' and engage with my practice."



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