Jail time for repeat offender

AN ATTEMPT to paint a 29-year-old South Grafton man as a reformed character has cut little ice with Magistrate Jeff Linden.

Presiding in Grafton Local Court on Monday, Magistrate Linden sentenced Corey Kennedy, also known as Corey Patterson, to four months jail on a string of malicious damage, domestic violence and traffic offences dating from October last year.

Solicitor John Kelly said his client was attempting to deal with family issues, including dealing with apprehended violence orders which stop him being with his partner and force him to stay at her mother's home.

Mr Kelly said since his last conviction for violence in 2010 Kennedy has become more family oriented.

But the magistrate said his pre-sentence report for Kennedy painted a different picture.

"It shows an inability to control himself, or respond to intervention," Mr Linden said.

"He is unwilling to follow directions and he speaks of using '100 cones a day'.

"He tells the person interviewing him he wonders why he bothered to attend and is belligerent to the interviewer."

Kennedy's latest brush with the law occurred on January 1 when police noticed the car he was driving speeding on the Pacific Hwy at Glenugie.

He was pulled over and Kennedy ran off into the bush.

Police could not find him, but found five intoxicated people in the car.

A woman was able to drive the car back to Grafton, but later that night the car was seen on the highway again and stopped.

Kennedy was found hiding in the boot and arrested. In addition to the speeding charge, Kennedy was also found to be unlicensed and also refused to take a breath test.

Magistrate Linden said Kennedy's record did nothing to help him.

He sentenced him to four months jail from Monday.

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