Jailed women-basher abandoned as a child

A MALABUGILMAH man jailed for 18 months for punching two women has told the court he was suffering from grief and alcoholism at the time of his offending.

Lesley Noel Exton, 21, appeared at Grafton Local Court yesterday charged with common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and goods in personal custody suspected being stolen.

The assault occasioning actual bodily harm happened in South Grafton last February when Exton punched a South Grafton woman in the face, causing her lip to split.

The common assault arose from an incident in Tabulam last November. According to police, the female victim tried to run from Exton, but he chased her and punched her in the mouth. Exton then used a large stick to strike the victim twice on her back, causing large welts to form.

Defence solicitor Neal Funnell told the court that Exton suffered alcohol addiction because he was abandoned by his parents as a child. He was also grieving after losing his grandmother.

Magistrate Kim Pogson told Exton he couldn't use his grief as an excuse to assault women, sentencing him to 18 months jail with a non-parole period of 12 months.

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