Jan's voice gets better with age

LIKE a fine wine, Jan Carter says her voice is getting better with age.

And although the 73-year-old has experienced a lot in her singing career - including being shot at by terrorists - she has at least two more milestones to reach.

The Yamba resident started singing when she was 11 years of age.

She did a course at NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and later spent five years at the Academy of Music in Sydney where she learnt to sing Bel Canto (an Italian opera term).

At around the same time, she did a radio show on 3AW with Bert Newton.

"It teaches you how to use your diaphram and produce your voice so that when you get the flu you can still sing.

"Now I have a four-octave range, so I can sing anything from Shirley Bassey to Andrea Bocelli," Ms Carter said.

"I've sung all over the world; I did a royal command performance for Prince Philip in 1956 at the Olympic Games.
"I was discovered by Jack Neary (who also managed Bobby Limb, John Laws and Barry Humphries) at an amateur show in Sydney at the tender age of 17.

"So we had to put my age up when he started to produce me for pantomimes, theatre, TV and night clubs."

Ms Carter said one of the things she still wanted to do in life was appear on X-Factor.

She was asked why, at age 73, it was so important to her after a successful career spanning more than half a century.
"For some strange reason, my voice seems to be getting much stronger.

"Music's my whole life - without it I'd die. It would be like cutting my jugular vein," she said.

"So going on X-Factor to me will prove a point that I can still do what I do, and also give pleasure to the audience."

She said she wanted to apply for the show this year but fell sick and had to postpone her appearance until early next year.

The other thing Ms Carter still wants to do - badly - is to perform with Andrea Bocelli.

"The highlight of my career hasn't come yet; it would be to sing one song - a duet - with Andrea Bocelli," she said.

"I have been singing with his records for the past five years; I just think he has the most fantastic voice.

"If God allows me this one thing - to sing with Andrea Bocelli - my life would be accomplished."

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