Jnr surfing titles heading to Coffs

COFFS HARBOUR is to host the Australian Junior surfing titles from November 26.

Former ASP world champion Barton Lynch will be contest director for the eight-day festival of surfing and entertainment which will attract 250 of the hottest under-18 and 16 years surfers to the city.

"As a junior myself, some 30-odd years ago, the junior titles were up there on my list as something I wanted to win," Lynch said.

"With Action Sports Ready at the helm it's given the other surf companies the opportunity to work together, a rare thing in a competitive market place, in support of the kids."

As contest director, Lynch will be joined by a commentary team including former world tour and two-time Australian junior champion Matt Hoy, current WQS surfer Jessi Miley-Dyer and former world tour competitor John Shimooka.

Hoy was ecstatic to be returning to the scene of one of his proudest moments.

"This event set up my entire surfing career and the fact I still get paid to go surfing," he said.

"What ASR provides is the stepping-stone to the industry for all surfers who love the sport and culture. I can't wait to get to Coffs and see the next generation of Aussie rippers."

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