Joy takes on top job

FIRST LADY: New president of Maclean Services Club Joy De Roos with CEO Sharon Shankland.
FIRST LADY: New president of Maclean Services Club Joy De Roos with CEO Sharon Shankland. Adam Hourigan

JOY De Roos has made history at the Maclean Services Club and made her father's dreams come true when she became the first woman president in the club's 36 years.

"I'm honoured actually,” she said.

"It's what my dad wanted, because he was a Second World War veteran and he always thought there should be a female president (of the Services Club), and he hoped that I would be the first, so that makes me proud.

"I don't know why he wanted that for his daughter. That was just dad and I was always a bit of a rebel. He knew that I was going to be the only one involved in the he always wanted that for me, but he was a bit of a radical himself. He believed that women could do whatever men could do.”

Ms De Roos was elevated from vice-president after the resignation of their former president.

The Maclean Services Club now has five of their six senior management positions filled by women.

"It's interesting that it's happened in Maclean, when not too many other clubs would have this many females in managerial positions, and Maclean is very conservative,” Ms De Roos said.

"I get a lot of support from the general membership which is very interesting, and I enjoy it, so while I enjoy it I'll do it.”

Maclean Services Club CEO Sharon Shankland said she was pleased to have Ms De Roos take on the top job.

"The thing is she's been doing so much already, so stepping up as president doesn't mean too much more,” she said.

"In a way but she always did more than any director anyway, but just to have her as the head when she does the most is good. I'm very happy to have her as president, it's good.”

Ms De Roos has been a director on the Maclean Services Club board for eight years, but has been a regular sight at the club for a long time, and doesn't plan on giving up calling the raffle numbers any time soon.

"It's my town, I grew up here,” she said.

"I know a lot of the families, and that's the way it is with a lot of people that come to the club. It's very seldom someone comes into the club and I don't know who they are, I can usually put family to them.”

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