Christian Democrat Bethany Canac.
Christian Democrat Bethany Canac.

Just who is the mystery candidate?

OF ALL the candidates for the March 26 state election, the Family First party's candidate remains the most mysterious.

Despite numerous attempts to contact Kristen Bromell since the ballot was announced on Thursday, The Daily Examiner has been unable to make any contact.

The only evidence of Ms Bromell as a Family First candidate is her application.

Ms Bromell did not attend the ballot draw, and when searching for her contact details and address online, the only option that came up was “not available yet”.

Clarence returning officer Stephen Logan said when drawing out of the ballot no candidates had withdrawn.

But, where was Ms Bromell?

Member for Clarence Steve Cansdell said Ms Bromell had not shown up at any candidate forums.

If anyone knows any information about Ms Bromell, we would love to hear from them so it can be passed on to voters.

The other candidate not announced until Thursday was Christian Democrat Bethany Camac, who is standing for the first time.

Born and raised on the Northern Rivers, Ms Camac said she decided to stand at the NSW state election to support her local community.

“I want to support local business and primary industries in the Clarence,” she said.

“I am standing for integrity and openness in politics.

“We have a good track record, with CDP Fred Nile acknowledged for honesty and courageousness on issues like electricity.”

Ms Camac said she was honoured to stand for the Christian Democratic Party and be on the ballot paper for the first time.

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