I'M a small-business woman in the tourism and hospitality industry.

My first business was purchased in 1979.

I have many years of experience in small business and understand the importance of healthy robust businesses in this economy.

I have also worked in the public sector for five years during a period in my life when my children were young to enable me to work hours more suitable for raising a family.

I'm the director of my own company (since 2001) and employ between 20-30 people depending on the season. This alone brings HR challenges that require interpersonal skills and the ability to build posi- tive relationships.

I have had four years experience in local government. During that time I have been pro-active on many committees over a vast range of issues.

I have a lifetime of experience in overcoming difficulties and challenges always with a positive attitude.


I'm a realist, I won't make promises I can't keep.

In my experience the role of a councillor does not put you in a position to achieve the things you think you can.

The things that are important to me are to ensure council listens to its community.

Small business is vital and needs to be fostered to ensure it is robust and sustainable.

I'm concerned with our aging infrastructure, especially our roads.

I want to better plan for the maintenance of our assets.

We need to seriously consider the whole-of-life costs for any new infrastructure and factor those costs into our decision-making process.

We have an aging population which requires special consideration with planning for our future.

On the other end of the lifecycle we have children who also need to be considered for what they require to ensure we give them every opportunity to succeed.

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