Keeping the Torana in the family.

Make model and year?

It's a 1976 LX Hatchback Torana

What's this car mean to you?

To me it means friendship, getting people around, enjoying the company you get with it. It's a classic, I enjoy it. I remember my dad had a HK Monaro, so I'm keeping it in the family, I remember that, it brings back a lot of memories. I've got the two-door and it's a classic.

What upgrades have you done to it?

I got rid of the 253 and the manual that came out of it and ended up putting a Chev in it and I've done a bit of work to it, as you can see, fully manualised turbo 400, strange 9-inch, custom tail shaft, header extractors, everything's all custom, it's built to go have fun without power cruise or the Nats basically.

Where have you been in it?

I went to the Red Centre Nats, which was its first outing. We got top ten street and I was stoked with that, I never expected to get anything.

Would you ever trade it in?

No never. I'm going to leave it to my girls and they can argue over it when I'm gone.

How does it fit into your lifestyle?

I'm a member of the Pioneer Valley Car Club and I try and get out on the outings there; with the club we also try and go to the Covered in Chrome events. I try and get out and socialise and meet as many like-minded people.

How do you look after it?

If you ask my wife, probably better than anything else around the home. I'm pretty pedantic on it, she gets tucked in and covered.

It's always washed and kept cleaned. I baby it a bit. I'm supposed to be enjoying it but I'm too scared I will hurt it.

Any challenges?

No, not yet, I'm going to the Northern Nationals, we've entered a few events so we will see how we go.

What's the dream ride?

It's right here. This Torana. I watched the movie Running on Empty, saw the Chev in there with the blower.

That set the pace then. I just love all old school cars but for me the dream car I wanted was the blown Chev and my favourite car was the Torana, so I've got it.

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